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Schmidt Sound Company has a variety of equipment in stock and available for rental. Please reference the list below for specifics in each category.

*If you do not see what you are looking for listed below, we will get it for you!




AKG D112
Audio-Technica AT4033a (stereo pair available), U857QL
Audix MB5050HC Microboom
Sennheiser e835, e609, MD 46
Shure Beta 87A, SM57, SM58, SM81, SM86, Super 55


Direct Boxes:


Countryman Associates Type 85
Radial Engineering ProDI, ProD2, ProAV1, ProAV2


Wireless Systems:


Sennheiser EW 115 G3
Shure P9RA, P9T, QLXD1, QLXD2/SM58, QLXD4, UA844+SWB, UA874US, ULXD1, ULXD2/SM58, ULXD4D, UR1, UR2/BETA87A, UR2/SM58, UR4D


Mixing Systems:


Allen & Heath MixWizard3 16:2
Behringer X32, X32 Rack, XR18
Mackie ProFX8
PreSonus AudioBox 1818VSL, DigiMax D8
Samson S-mix
Yamaha QL1


Signal Processing:


Alesis MidiVerb IV
Behringer DEQ2496
DBX 1231, 160A, 166XL




QSC HPR122i, HPR152i, HPR181i, K12, KW 152, KW181
PreSonus ULT15


Video Screens / Projectors:

Please see our Indoor / Outdoor Video Packages here!

Inflatable Screen 14′ Diagonal 16:9 Screen
Solid Frame Screen 10′ Diagonal 16:9 Screens
Mitsubishi 4000 Lumen HD Projector


Snake Systems / Multipair Cable:


Behringer S16, S32
Horizon 8×4 XLR 50′, 12×4 XLR 50′
Whirlwind 16×4 XLR 100′


Power Distribution:


Coleman Cable Xtreme Box w/ Roll Cage 50 Amp 125/250V
Custom 6/4 Feeder Cable, 10/3 Distribution Cable, 12/3 Powercon Interconnect Cable